Zen and Confused

  I’ll never forget during teacher training when asked, “How many types of yoga exist?” To which one student responded, “As many flavors of ice cream.” While it got my mind craving Three Twins cardamom ice cream, I thought back to an analogy of yoga as a dense forest. According to Bernie Clark, “Modern yoga … Continue reading Zen and Confused

Why Pursue Teacher Training

It’s been almost two months since I last participated in yet another Yoga Teacher Training. Reflecting back on these experiences,¬†it’s evident to me; a teacher training program can benefit anyone desiring more than a credential. The lessons learned and experiences gained, have transcended my every day life and left me with some of the greatest … Continue reading Why Pursue Teacher Training

Rest is Best

In the high volume society we occupy today, it’s sad that we only rest when we’re forced to by illness. Something that I have taken note of in the last year, is that I haven’t been sick. Sure, I could point to several reasons why that is, but I believe it has to with prioritizing … Continue reading Rest is Best

Yin Is In- a Love Story

Last month I seized an amazing opportunity to deepen my yoga education and practice. Josh Summers lead an amazing 30 hr. intensive Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Fish Tree Yoga. According to Bernie Clark, “Yin Yoga is not meant to be comfortable; it will take you well outside your comfort zone. Much of the benefit … Continue reading Yin Is In- a Love Story

Organic Gardening

Finally, I’m sure after much anticipation; I have a post on gardening. Upon moving to Pensacola, I had the pleasure of learning from Renee and Tom of East Hill Edible Gardening. I was initial drawn to organic gardening upon watching the documentary¬†Food Inc. I found it fascinating that one of the best things you can … Continue reading Organic Gardening