Cool as Gazpacho

It’s the dog days of summer. It’s twelve o’clock in the afternoon and you’re hungry. In the midst of the peak heat, you can’t muster up the energy to move let alone prepare a meal. You desire something refreshing, filling, and if you’re like me; you’re trying to pacify pitta dosha. How about gazpacho soup? … Continue reading Cool as Gazpacho

Mouna May

When was the last time you enjoyed a meal in complete silence? If you’re like me, chances are, it’s been awhile. During teacher training, we were required to practice to a “discipline of silence,” otherwise known as mouna. It is said that valuable time and vital energy is spent through the act of mindless chatter … Continue reading Mouna May

Om Sweet Om

Namaste and welcome to The Way Om. Like you, I am a complex person with myriad interests and passions. Creating this blog seemed like the next logical step. The Way Om is a catch-all blog, weaving together all of my interests be it yoga, food, gardening, and everything in between. My hope is that you … Continue reading Om Sweet Om